What is Oncology Massage?

Oncology massage is an adaptation or adjustment to the normal massage and serves to accommodate the delicate situation the cancer patients experience along the cancer journey, where a severely compromised immune system, and the side effects of chemo/radiotherapy may create a complex case history. The therapist has detailed knowledge and understanding of protocols for treatment for each stage of cancer, pre- and post-surgical protocols, chemotherapy and radiation protocols, lymphedema protocols and scar tissue protocols.

Remember to let your GP know about any complementary therapies you are using

What Happens During Oncology Massage?

The oncology massage treatment can be carried out in a set up different to a typical massage session: on the floor, in a chair, armchair, lounge chair, bed. The length of the treatment may vary from few minutes to standard time and the treatment may take a form of full body massage, full body massage with adjustments, face massage and/or scalp massage, foot massage, hand massage, depending on the patient’s needs.

Carrier oils, essential oils and all the products used in the treatments are of the highest quality, from organic sources and chosen specifically for their desired effect ie. Kasmir lavender opposed to English lavender due to the high altitude forming more oxygen imparting the oil with more beneficial propertys than its counterpart.


Oncology Massage Plays a Fundamental Role During the Whole Cancer Journey


  • Spreads awareness
  • Keeping an eye on the body/M.O.T
  • Positive lifestyle change


  • Offers emotional support
  • Helps with stress and anxiety
  • Lifts patient’s spirit


  • Touch/comfort
  • Emotional support
  • Physical support


  • Lessens some side effects of cancer treatments
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Heals wounds and radiation burns


  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves mobility
  • Eases scar tissue
  • Eases fatigue
  • Emotional support (disability, new body image)
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Book Oncology Massage in Brighton

You can book an oncology massage appointment at Brighton Wellbeing online by or by calling 01273 92 17 92. You can also email info@thebrightonwellbeingclinic.co.uk to book.