What is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage is specifically adapted to the needs of mums-to-be. Pregnancy is a magical time, and massage can enable you to enjoy this journey fully. Massage is a wonderful way of preparing a woman for childbirth both physically and emotionally. The key focus is to reduce general discomfort during pregnancy. Barbara is a fully certified Pregnancy massage therapist, and she offers a mobile massage service for clients who wish to be treated in their own home.

Remember to let your GP know about any complementary therapies you are using

What Are the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage is an adapted treatment for the comfort of the client’s growing tummy and physiological changes, i.e. heartburn, sciatica, pelvic discomfort, nasal congestion and upper and lower back tension. The aim is to relief possible side effects that occur during pregnancy, such as anxiety, swelling in the feet, ankles and hands, sickness and nausea, and tension in the back and hips. Pregnancy massage also releases the “feel good” hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, whilst decreasing the release of stress hormones leaving you both relaxed and stress-free. Constant stress can cause long-term problems for you and the baby, making pregnancy massage an important part of your pregnancy journey. Having a massage is a great way to cope with stress. Following the birth, massage treatments can assist the body to re-balance and encourage a natural and rapid recovery in the form of post-natal massage.

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Book Pregnancy Massage in Brighton

You can book a massage appointment at Brighton Wellbeing online by or by calling 01273 92 17 92. You can also email info@thebrightonwellbeingclinic.co.uk to book.