What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Myofascial trigger point signifies a small area of stiffness in a muscle, creating a firm knot or tiny bump from the constricted muscle fibres causing chronic ache and muscular pain. These tiny knots develop when a muscle gets over-worked or injured. These are the main source of developing joint pains. They are prone to cause headaches, jaw and neck pains, lower back pains and wrist aches.

Trigger point therapy uses a mixture of stretching and physical pressure applied to those targeted trigger points to loosen up the tight muscles and alleviate pain.

Remember to let your GP know about any complementary therapies you are using

What Happens During Trigger Point Therapy?

At first, your trigger point therapist tries to locate the exact painful areas, searching for aching, numb points with the finger tips. Once the location of the trigger point is explored, the therapist applies force with fingers, elbow or knuckles for few seconds which releases muscle tension and increases blood circulation.

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