Brighton Wellbeing is starting to host a “Bright-on” Wellbeing Cancer Support Group once every two weeks starting in spring 2018


The participants will learn hands-on holistic mind and body techniques to improve their quality of life. The service includes: acupuncture, nutrition advice, psychotherapy, aromatherapy advice, reflexology and oncology personal trainer advice. All the services are adapted to the delicate situation of a cancer patient, and all our therapists are specialized and trained in cancer treatments.

About “Bright – on” cancer support group:

  • Learn self-massage on hands, ears and feet
  • Learn acupressure points for self-help
  • Learn to use vegetable oils (rich in fatty acids) in skin care as anti-inflammatory aids
  • Learn how to follow an alkaline diet
  • Learn to use essential oils to relieve secondary symptoms of radiation/chemotherapy
  • Learn breathing techniques, natural remedies, guided imagery and visualisation techniques
  • Learn how to improve mobilisation of limbs and muscles
  • Learn how to work on scar tissue to improve mobility
  • Learn how to destress with the use of guided imagery


There is also an opportunity to request individual 1-2-1 treatments tailored to your personal requirements. Contact Brighton Wellbeing for more information.


The patients will benefit from the Wellbeing Cancer Support Group, since it allows them to take an active role in their own healing. The venue is comfortable and relaxing, and located centrally in Brighton but away from the hassle of the city.

Interested? Send an enquiry: or use the contact form