As many of you may already be aware, here at Brighton Wellbeing we offer our BrightHemp range of 5% and 10% CBD Oil, which is taken for a myfried of reasons, including fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain.
We want to look more in depth at each of these different aspects, so that if you do suffer from any of them, you are more clearly able to understand how CBD oil such as this topical hemp oil works and what it can do to support your wellbeing.

Fibromyalgia is a common chronic pain disorder that causes musculoskeletal pain as well as many other symptoms including fatigue, insomnia and often can cause many different cognitive issues, and on top of all of that, it is more common in women. As there is yet no definitive treatment for this issue there are a degree of options in the case of pain management.
One of these options is with the use of CBD Oil. You can Buy CBD Oils online, offering potential relief for those grappling with fibromyalgia symptoms. CBD has previously been used in the treatment of other illnesses and conditions that cause pain and inflammation. More recently, CBD has been the popular choice compared to other pain relief remedies such as opioids, which can quickly become very addictive.

Whilst CBD does not have the same psychoactive ingredients that are found in THC, the element that gets you high, it does interact with the brain, but in a slightly different way. It can often be a neuro-protector and act as an anti-oxidant, potentially providing a quicker bounce back from things such as seizures and many different forms of brain injury. CBD also has an effect upon many cells within the immune system making it a worthy anti-inflammatory. Alongside it’s anti-inflammatory effects, it also has brain calming abilities and can act as a muscle relaxer, which offers a pain relieving capacity, through this multi-functionality pathway. It also works with serotonin in the brain which can ease anxiety and depression, also aiding patients who suffer from PTSD and Fibromyalgia to calm down.
Furthermore, in the case of Fibromyalgia, where the “fight or flight” decision making system has gone haywire there can be increased feelings of anxiety and fear that are uncontrollable; CBD has been regarded as being a gentle anti-anxiety treatment. From this anxiety as well, patients muscles can be constantly tight even when they are asleep, which causes a lot of muscle tenderness. CBD can help here with topical application, applying the ointment directly to where you feel pain as well as aiding systemic wide spread body inflammation. It has also been recommended to bring in the benefits of other ingredients such as Arnica which also acts as a natural pain relief; the two ingredients can work together to have an optimum outcome.

Finally, CBD has been found from personal experiences to be a really good neuro-protectant. This means it can reduce the harsh feelings that a fibromyalgia patient may feel from something as soft as the brush of their skin.
However, it is important to recognise that CBD isn’t a cure all and has different effects on each different individual.

Currently, there are no scientific insights into the direct link between CBD and Fibromyalgia but personal experiences have heightened the level of interest into this subject.
The previous information has been sourced from Fibromyalgia expert Ginevra Liptan, MD, who not only suffers herself but has many patients that she also works with who is going through the same experiences.