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WHAT IS CLINICAL MASSAGE?Clinical massage Brighton

Clinical massage is not a single technique but a style of massage which incorporates a large scope of modalities such as myofascial release, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy and sport/deep tissue techniques with hot stones, stretches and structural integration. The ultimate focus of this type of massage therapy is the functional outcome: The success of the massage session is mainly measured in terms of symptom relief, whether it relates to e.g. pain relief or improvement in posture.


Clinical massage is very effective in relieving pain in the body caused by injury, chronic postural problems or other chronic body aches and pain. Advanced clinical massage primarily addresses chronic pain problems, for example arthritis, bad back, bad neck, RSI, fibromyalgia, herniated disk, IBS, tendinitis and tendonosis. Chronic pain is one of the biggest problems in our society: 30-40% of UK and US population suffers from chronic pain. Advanced clinical massage therapists deal with people who have been living with pain for years and may have seen an osteopath or physiotherapist in the past with no improvement in their pain levels.



  • Can’t recommend enoughsietske

    Barbara is an excellent professional and super (customer) friendly. She totally sorted out my back pain which I developed after finishing cancer treatment, and also helped address joint and muscle issues. I cannot recommend her enough.

  • IncredibleLucy

    I have been having massage treatments with Barbara for a chronic condition for over a year. She has become a vital part of my health and wellbeing routine - both physically and emotionally. (Her facials are also incredible)

  • Great resultsMargarita

    I met Barbara when I have had some problems with my neck and lower back. After I have been having massage treatments I did feel happy and satisfied with the results. Barbara is very professional and pleasant person, she will give you good advice and right recommendations. I am truly grateful to Barbara.

  • Excellent personalised massage therapiesiona550

    Brighton Wellbeing is centrally located, just off London Road, which makes it very convenient to reach. Step inside and you will find a cozy reception and softly lit, tranquil treatment room, with warm, smiley Barbara waiting to meet you. After interviewing you about your particular problem, she personalises a massage to focus on exactly what you need. I have tried a number of Barbara's extensive range of massage treatments, according to what I require at that moment, and each has been excellent. I would highly recommend Brighton Wellbeing, if you have a chronic problem, or just fancy treating yourself. You will also find prices are less than other places in Brighton.

  • Fabulous servicesvdp479

    Barbara has totally sorted out my back pain which I had developed as a result of cancer treatment. She took the time needed and never rushed. I am very grateful and recommend her highly.

  • Massage with Barbarakazconnolly

    I have been so stressed recently I had to visit Barbara at the Wellbeing Studio. I had a very intense massage which I have to say relieved a lot of tension. I can highly recommend Barbara. Please pay her a visit, you will not be disappointed.

  • Barbara has magic handsabracadabra

    I suffer of chronic pain in my shoulders and with a series of treatments with Barbara the improvement has been incredible. She is expert, competent and when massaging gives you 100%. Her studio is lovely and very relaxing.

  • Best thing for my ongoing back painRebecca

    I have tried so many different treatments over the years for my back pain and arthritis and the treatment here was the most helpful by far in easing the pain and helping improve things. I felt Barbara really listened to and understood my problematic back and hip and tailored the treatment to really help. Will definitely be back soon!

  • Road to RecoveryJudy

    Having had a major shoulder operation the treatment I received from Barbara Palloni has definitely assisted in the recovery of movement and strength. She brings a wonderful combination of caring and expertise to any physical problem - I can't recommend her too highly

  • Arthritis ReliefRebecca

    Visited Barbara at Brighton Wellbeing Clinic early on in April. Have just booked to go back. Having suffered from Arthritis since the age of 10 and having tried all sorts of therapies and massages over the years, nothing has helped me more than my visit to Barbara. She understood just how my arthritis affected my back and hip joints in particular and tailored the treatment specifically to help. I just wish I lived closer as I would visit every week if I could! Would highly recommend! thank you Barbara at Brighton Wellbeing - I look forward to my next appointment.

  • Reversed Years of TensionTim

    I was referred by a friend after I got neck and back pain and I am glad he referred me to Barbara. She has done wonders and reversed years of tension!

  • Refreshed and Relieved TensionPam

    Barbara has always given me massages that leave my body feeling completely refreshed. With today's treatment, she worked on the tension in my shoulder and lower back and eased it away. I felt as if I floated out of her treatment room at the end of my hour and a half of her amazing massage and manipulation.

    Thank you, Barbara, for your healing hands. I gladly and strongly recommend you to my family and friends. It's definitely worth having a massage from Barbara. I intend to do so regularly.



Medical massage can help patients to relief pain, recover from sports injuries, rehabilitate from orthopaedic surgery, stimulate the immune system and reduce stress.

For more essential information on how this treatment form differs from other therapies, please read the Massage Today article ‘Understanding the difference between clinical and spa massage




60 min – £50

90 min – £70

120 min* – £90

*Including some hot stones, myofascial release, acupressure and stretches

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