Did you know? That some of the things that we love to eat and drink can have a profound affect upon our moods, how are brain works and our overall wellbeing? Now, we know you constantly hear about the things you shouldn’t be eating too much of or to simply avoid altogether, but we’ve decided to flip it on its head. We’ve compiled a list of all the things that you can enjoy, knowing that it is aiding you and your wellbeing.

Life getting you down? Does everything seem a little grey? Time to inject some colour.

Foods that are rich in the colour of blue, purple, red, green or orange contain carotenoids and anthocyanins which produce these fantastic array of colours. Along with the ability of creating a rainbow along our supermarket shelves these veggie benefits also extend to harbouring nutrients that reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, our ability to remember things later in life and our overall cognitive function. So let’s look more closely at what we can be adding to our soups, salads and Sunday roasts.

Broccoli: known for its cancer busting properties. We’re not saying it’s a cure, but it’s one of the ways we can prevent the onset of illnesses.
Spinach: great wilted down with potatoes or maybe even fishcakes, it contains high amounts of calcium, perfect for keeping bones strong.
Kale: my personal favourite is stirring it into mashed potato. Did you know? It has the potential to reduce the onset of age related macular degeneration.

Tomato: Who doesn’t love a cheeky tom? No judgements here, there’d be no BLT without the T. This juicy veg, perfect for roasting, roar and cooking down into soups and sauces is a great source of lycopeine; known for protecting against prostate and cervical cancer.

Carrots: No, they will not help you seen in the dark, but don’t tell your mum that you heard it from us. Better yet, they’ve been found to fight off a particular type of skin cancer; squamos cell carcinoma.
Squash: Mashed or roasted, we’ll take a double serving. Promoting lung health straight out of the ground.

Aubergine: Whether you eat it with a sticky Asian sauce or serve it up in a mean moussaka, there’s no denying that purple foods such as the emoji favourite can lower your risk of heart disease; it does this by aiding your liver in cleaning up on your levels of cholesterol.

Feeling run down and a bit lacklustre? We’ve got the ultimate ingredient to aid your overall health and wellbeing.
WATER. Everyone says it, but we’re all guilty of choosing sugary alternatives or simply forgetting altogether. Water is essential for flushing out toxins, keeping us hydrated and maintain those energy levels. Go grab a cup now.

Maintaining your wellbeing can be as simple of taking extra care of what we’re putting into our bodies, and it only takes a few changes. Try it for a week and tell us you don’t feel ready to jump out of bed every morning.