One of the ways in which you will be engaging with nature during this retreat, is by being sent on an expert led tour of the countryside. You will forage many of the ingredients from the organic fields of Marche. All of which will be included in your meals for the week.

We have become accustomed to an exotic array of foods available to us in the supermarket. Foraging allows us to connect with our surroundings in a more natural way. Both of which is beneficial to our wellbeing as well as our environmental impact.
When exploring Marche, you will become accustomed to being surrounded by produce that naturally grows along the roadside, as well as fields full of seasonal goods. This will allow you to connect more with the food that you create and eat throughout the week.

If you’re constantly chained to a desk 365 days of the year, this is the perfect way to get outside and really fulfil that inner explorer.

Every day is a learning day! Did you know?
Our well known friend, Dock Leaf is quoted to be 80% of your daily intake of Vitamin A and C, in just 100g. Dock Leaf soup anyone?

From discovering new, earthy flavours, to learning about your surrounding environment, foraging will provide entertainment for the whole group. Like a drink?  An alphabet of berries, weeds and roots could be the perfect addition to that well deserved gin at the end of the day.