Brighton Wellbeing has been working immensely hard over the past few weeks, to bring our clients a range of new and inclusive opportunities.
Ever heard of Scope? It’s the leading charity in the UK that recognises, aids and aims to bring equality to the disabled community. They have recently founded a chronic pain sufferers group, where you are able to not only network with those who are experiencing the same, but also for rich advice regarding how to manage day to day.
Chronic pain sufferers are among the many patients that use our services at Brighton Wellbeing, and is an element that we truly specialise in. Once we heard Scope was setting up this group, we couldn’t help but get involved.
Brighton Wellbeing has provided a presentation that is centric around self-care and how to easily manage the symptoms that come about from chronic pain. Two of the main focuses for this presentation, regarded the use of CBD, which is well regarded in the chronic pain community, as well as, stem cell patches; LifeWave.

It is subjective to say that least, that different treatments work differently for everyone. However, you can read all about our CBD and LifeWave experiences either on the website or by heading to our Facebook page. It is also important to remeber that chronic pain cannot be cured, but can be managed. If you’re overwhelmed on how to effectively manage your pain, we also implore you to come into the clinic for a consultation.