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In Celebration of Healy launching the Healy Resonance Plus Edition, for the April promotion they will be offering you a 40% discount on the new Healy Resonance Plus Edition but that is not all as they will also be offering a 50% discount when you buy a Healy Holistic Edition. Which means you will be buying the Healy Holistic Edition at the same price as a Healy Gold Edition.

This new edition was made to become the bridge for the price difference between the Regular Healy Resonance Edition and the Healy Professional Edition.

Healy Resonance vs. Resonance Plus

Healy Resonance vs. Healy Resonance Plus Diagram

Terms and Conditions

The offer is valid for:

  • The purchase of a Healy Holistic Edition for the price of a Healy Gold Edition.
  • The purchase of Healy Resonance Plus Edition for the price of a Healy Resonance Edition.
  • The April Promotion is valid for all markets.

The following conditions for the Fast Start Cash Bonus apply during the April Promotion:

  • When buying a Holistic Edition for the price of a Gold Edition duringt he Fast Start period. the Fast Start Cash Bonus of a Gold Edition will be credited.
  • When buying a Resonance Plus Edition for the price of a Resonance Edition during the Fast Start period, the Fast Start Cash Bonus of a Resonance Edition will be credited.

How To Buy Your Healy

First step – Choose your regional shop from the options below:

Asia        Australia        Europe        India        USA

Second Step – Confirm our referral ID (2105-3690-7137)

Third Step – Place your cursor over shop and click Healy Editions

Fourth Step – Choose the Healy Edition you wish to purchase and click add to cart

Optional Steps: 

  • Once you have added your chosen Healy Edition to cart, 
  • Place your cursor over shop, click accessories and add travel case to cart if you would like extra protection for Healy

Fifth step – Click the cart icon and complete checkout

Sixth Step – Contact us to schedule your Healy set-up and training session

Important Note: April promotion is automatically applied and you therefore do not need to enter a discount code at checkout.

If you have any questions or need assistance with ordering Healy, please do not hesitate to contact us.