Holistic Life Coaching

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Holistic life coaching is a very different approach of coaching compared to traditional life coaches. 

This is due to traditional life coaches focusing solutions for specific aspects of your life but a holistic life coach will look at every aspect of your life to help you improve your overall wellbeing.

In this blog, we’re covering: What is a holistic life coach? benefits, and examples of practises holistic life coaches incorporate in their coaching sessions.

What is a Holistic Life Coach?

A holistic life coach is passionate about helping people improve not just one aspect of their life but all aspects, by transforming their mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic life coaching is more focused on connecting all aspects of your life because they want you to see your life as whole, rather than broken up into individual parts. 

This type of life coaching helps you unlock your inner power, realise your true potential, and achieve transformational changes in your life so that you can heal, be complete and live the life you have always desired.


A holistic life coach can help you:

  • Align your values and beliefs
  • Stimulate your mind, body, and spirit to feel empowered
  • Identify and remove negative aspects of your life
  • Address inner obstacles and reduce barriers, block your true potential
  • Regains control of your self-talk and inner voice
  • Develop goals that will help you achieve the life you desire


Here are some examples of the practises that holistic life coach might incorporate into their coaching sessions:

  • Guided Healing Meditation – Guided meditation is a common but very popular practise that comes in various forms and holistic life coaches will add to this practise to their sessions because it a great way to help clients connect their mind, body, and spirit.
  • Reiki – Using touch, a holistic life coach can channel energy into their client to help restore physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Crystal Healing – Through the use of different crystals, a holistic life coach can help to restore balance and focus to their client’s energy. This will help heal their clients by strengthening the connection between their mind, body, and spirit.
  • Creative Healing – Holistic life coaches use this practise to help client’s connect more deeply with their emotions, therefore healing their spirit.

Thank you for reading, we hope you feel more informed about holistic life coaching. If you interested in trying a holistic form of coaching, we are offering three services: Body Healing Coaching, Fitness Coaching and Breathwork Coaching.