Holistic Therapy is often the path taken by those who want to find added balance within their everyday routines. This route takes an all encompassing path to improve your emotional wellbeing. It stands as a non-invasive treatment that can aid with mental and physical well-being.
This is a large focus of our retreat.

During your stay with us we will work towards your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, all whilst drawing value from Marche’s natural splendours.
When dealing with long-term stress, sometimes as a result of our busy lifestyles, it can create long-term issues. Often, anxious tendencies can manifest into issues such as stomach pains and headaches, concurrent of the in-balance within our lives. This can sometimes be alleviated through the constant practice of a multitude of holistic therapies. By embracing different techniques and taking an active part in the healing of every part of ourselves, we can begin to notice a difference across all aspects of our daily lives.

Some of the treatments that follow this holistic route include, acupuncture, chakra healing, meditation and taking control over the food that we enjoy as part of our daily diet. All of these aspects will be utilised during the retreat.

Following on from our previous post, throughout your weeks stay we will be eating only locally produced, organic products, as well as foraging for some wild specialties. You’ll be learning how to use these in our tailored cooking classes, and will be able to integrate this wholesome adoption of how you eat into your everyday lives after returning home.