If you’re not a seasoned retreat-er they can often seem strange; you imagine a group a people sat in a room, being silent and tech free for a week. Sometimes, sure. But not on our Marche retreat. Whilst the aim is to achieve ultimate relaxation and mindfulness, you will have the freedom to explore some more of what this beautiful region offers.

With such a varied landscape, this region provides many possibilities for getting outside and active. From the mountains, down to the rolling hills, you can find yourself at the beach in no time.
The white cliffs that look over the beaches at Marche, provide opportunity for you seasoned climbers out there, with classes available for those who are willing to give anything a go. But if, like many of us out there, heights aren’t quite what you’re looking for, the beach where your feet can be planted firmly on the ground, provides just as much fun. There’s plenty of time for volleyball, scuba diving tutorials and horse-riding across the sands.
If you’re not a beach person, it only takes a little time to get up to the mountains. Here you can spend some time mountain biking and following trails leading you to many well known flora, fauna and fantastic views. All of the trails in this local area are marked by difficulty, so you don’t end up down the wrong path. You also have the opportunity to be led by experts of the area to make sure you don’t get lost; they’re also on hand to show off the local nature and give you all the inside knowledge. Further to this, when visiting in the winter-time if you’re a seasoned skier you can head off-piste and head out for some alpine or cross-country skiing. Don’t mind us though, we’ll just stick to the heated pool.

This little known region has so much to offer and a great history with sports. Invigorating activity can often cleanse the mind and shake off any anxieties or worries; so why not join us on a hike, some scuba diving and maybe a spot of horse back?