Meditation is such a large focus of our much anticipated retreat. We try to focus on teaching you how to step away from the daily hustle; we all now how stressful it can be. As published in Healthline, a study found that meditation reduced stress in 3500 adults. It’s an inexpensive way to help you take a step back, and you can even do it from the comfort of your own home. We’re here to guide you.

The daily stresses that we deal with often lead to issues that manifest in tension and anxieties. Studies have found that those who practice meditation and regularly take part in achieving mindfulness can reduce issues such as phobias, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive tendencies. The art of meditation allows you to take control over the way in which you deal with issues day-to-day, thus allowing you to re-centre. Mediation which works alongside yoga, also allows you to exert all your negative energies into this process of learnt movement. By creating good habits, we are increasing our level of wellbeing.

So, not only can meditation help you with stress, anxiety and building a more centred lifestyle, there are other golden properties. Are you finding yourself struggling to concentrate? Easily distracted? Do you often find your mind drifting?
Habitual meditation allows you to just focus on the practice of controlling this calm energy. It has been shown in studies that the attention you apply to meditation can relay in your daily routines. From the study, those who practised 8 weeks of mindfulness mediation were more easily able to remember the specific details of the tasks and daily duties at work, compared to those who had not undertaken any form of mindfulness. The practice was also shown to reduce worrying in participants, which can often distract you from the task at hand.

Finally, we all love our sleep, and some of us continually struggle to doze off, lying there for hours on end. Those who regularly partake in meditation have found that not only do they fall asleep sooner, but they are able to sleep longer without all that tossing and turning.

Come meditate with us, and see if you’ll reap the benefits.