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Myofascial Release in Brighton


WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL RELEASE?Myofascial Release brighton

Myofascial release is a gentle therapy, consisting of a mixture of light stretching and massage work. During a session, the therapist will apply hands-on massage strokes in order to release tension from the fibrous bands of the muscles, bones, nerves and joints, by unblocking any scar tissue or adhesions due to injury in the muscles and surrounding tissues.



Myofascial release is a safe therapy that can be used as a preventative method or to promote the healing of an injured, stiff or painful muscle. However, myofascial release has also been effective in treating patients with sloppy posture, chronic fatigue, severe tension and anxiety, as well as repetitive stress injuries of the muscular-skeletal system.

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  • Excellent personalised massage therapiesiona550

    Brighton Wellbeing is centrally located, just off London Road, which makes it very convenient to reach. Step inside and you will find a cozy reception and softly lit, tranquil treatment room, with warm, smiley Barbara waiting to meet you. After interviewing you about your particular problem, she personalises a massage to focus on exactly what you need. I have tried a number of Barbara's extensive range of massage treatments, according to what I require at that moment, and each has been excellent. I would highly recommend Brighton Wellbeing, if you have a chronic problem, or just fancy treating yourself. You will also find prices are less than other places in Brighton.

  • Massage with Barbarakazconnolly

    I have been so stressed recently I had to visit Barbara at the Wellbeing Studio. I had a very intense massage which I have to say relieved a lot of tension. I can highly recommend Barbara. Please pay her a visit, you will not be disappointed.

  • Best to dateNatano77

    I'm not exaggerating when I this but it was the best massage I've had to date. I'm an acrobat by trade and had flown 30 hours from Aus the day before. So with the flight and my craft combined there were a few issues. Barbara was able to identify most of these issues at first glance then some through conversation. She has an incredible intuition. She was gentle and soft initially then moved gradually into more firm and thorough which my body responded perfectly to. My neck injury is in a good place as a result and all round look and feel more energetic. Which is perfect for opening night tonight. Highly recommend.

  • Road to RecoveryJudy

    Having had a major shoulder operation the treatment I received from Barbara Palloni has definitely assisted in the recovery of movement and strength. She brings a wonderful combination of caring and expertise to any physical problem - I can't recommend her too highly

  • Arthritis ReliefRebecca

    Visited Barbara at Brighton Wellbeing Clinic early on in April. Have just booked to go back. Having suffered from Arthritis since the age of 10 and having tried all sorts of therapies and massages over the years, nothing has helped me more than my visit to Barbara. She understood just how my arthritis affected my back and hip joints in particular and tailored the treatment specifically to help. I just wish I lived closer as I would visit every week if I could! Would highly recommend! thank you Barbara at Brighton Wellbeing - I look forward to my next appointment.

  • Refreshed and Relieved TensionPam

    Barbara has always given me massages that leave my body feeling completely refreshed. With today's treatment, she worked on the tension in my shoulder and lower back and eased it away. I felt as if I floated out of her treatment room at the end of my hour and a half of her amazing massage and manipulation.

    Thank you, Barbara, for your healing hands. I gladly and strongly recommend you to my family and friends. It's definitely worth having a massage from Barbara. I intend to do so regularly.

  • Fantastic TreatmentEva

    Fantastic fusion myofascial release/trigger therapy massage from Barbara today. Highly recommend her!



30 min – £30

60 min – £50

90 min – £70

120 min – £90

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You can book a myofascial release appointment at Brighton Wellbeing online by clicking the button below or by calling 01273 92 17 92. You can also email to book.

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