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What Is Natural Skin Care?

Natural skin care are products that contain naturally occurring ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids.

9 Ingredients Used In Natural Skin Care Products

Almond Oil Blog Image

Almond Oil – is an ingredient that contains vitamin E and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. Also almond oil promotes anti-inflammatory and provides a boost for our immune system.

Furthermore when almond oil is used as ingredient for natural skin care products the benefits consist of healing sun damage, signs of aging and helps scars to fade.

Aloe Vera – is a plant that has been used for many centuries to treat various health conditions. Aloe Vera is known for its soothing properties and when used in natural skin care products such as aloe vera gel, the benefits range from relieving rashes to soothing sunburn.

Apple Cider Vinegar Blog Image

Apple Cider Vinegar – is a home remedy ingredient that has been used for hundreds of years in cooking and medicine. Some of the general benefits that apple cider vinegar has is reduction of cholesterol levels, lowering blood sugar levels and improving diabetic symptoms.

Furthermore apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties, acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid which means when used in as an ingredient for natural skin care products, it provides the benefits of exfoliating the skin, unblock pores and regenerate pH levels to the correct level for your skin. Therefore in turn keeps the outer layer of your skin healthy as well as gives your skin a nice healthy appearance.

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Argan Oil – is a natural plant oil produced from kernel in the Argan tree which is found in Morocco. The general benefit of argan oil is reduction of skin damage because it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Also argan oil  has high fatty acid contents which when used as an ingredient for natural skin care products provides the benefit of providing moisture helping the skin become more hydrated.

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Avocado – is a super fruit that contains healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that provide many benefits for the skin. For example the fats, compounds and vitamins in avocados can help with skin repair and provide relief as well as improve conditions such as eczema and acne.

Beeswax Blog Image

Beeswax – is a wax produced by bees which has skin healing properties. Beeswax has healing properties that allow it to be a protective barrier which helps get rid of irritants that would block the pores of the skin. Another benefit beeswax has is it contains vitamin A which helps regulate skin regeneration, for example if you have dry skin itchiness then beeswax can provide itch relief.

Coconut Oil Blog Image

Coconut Oil – is one of the most popular natural ingredients used in natural skin care products as when put in natural skin care products, coconut oil has moisturiser properties that helps hydrate the skin due to the fatty acids it contains. Furthermore coconut oil provides antioxidants which can help fight against environmental stressors reducing aging effects.

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Neroli – is a natural oil extracted from the flowers of  bitter orange trees. Neroli has antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant properties. Therefore when used in natural skin care products it provides benefits such as improvement to skin elasticity, prevention of stretch marks and relief for skin conditions such as acne.

Teat Tree Oil Blog Image

Tea Tree Oil – is an oil produce from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia a small tree found in Australia. It is commonly used to treat acne and has antiseptic properties that can help reduce excess amounts of sebum produced to clear out the skin. Furthermore tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties which makes it an excellent ingredient for natural skin care products that focus on the treatment of conditions such as athlete’s foot or other fungal conditions.

Why Use Natural Skin Care Products?

The first reason why you should use natural skin care products over synthetic is that the natural ingredients used cause no harm to the surrounding plants and animals while synthetic skin care products have chemicals which can potentially harm animals and plants that come into contact with them.

Also the manufacturing of traditional skin care is very harmful to the environment because they use mining to extract ingredients such as aluminium or lead and mining causes a lot of pollution, which therefore in turn causes negative carbon footprint on the environment. Furthermore natural skin care products do not use such as ingredients and have no need to use mining to gather ingredients.

The second reason is the difference between ingredients used for synthetic and natural skin care products. For example synthetic skin care products contain glyceryl stearate and petrolatum which are made in labs and while they perform their functions they also  can be detrimental to the body for example glyceryl stearate has the possible side effect of causing itching, rashes, and even abdominal cramps.

On the other hand, natural skin care products contain ingredients that are commonly used in other ways such as apple cider vinegar or apple and lemon juice. These ingredients are not only not harmful to the body but in fact have their own natural vitamins and compounds which help the body become and stay healthy.

Thank you for reading this blog about natural skin care, we hope you have learnt something new. If you are interested in trying a natural skin care product, then please check out our range.