What’s the difference between a retreat and a holiday? Why do I need to go on a retreat? Sometimes it can feel like a retreat is just your average sunshine getaway, but and experience such as this can be so much more. Depending on what you’re hoping to get out of the experience depends on the type of retreat that you should embark upon: adventure, solo, yoga, the lists are endless. Here’s why we think you should join us on our retreat,

Going on a retreat is different from a holiday. Yes, you’re giving time to yourself to relax and unwind from your daily routine at home, but instead of organising all the finer details yourself, it is all taken care of. Simply adding further to your relaxation.

By taking the leap into a wellbeing retreat you’re disconnecting from modern life, and allowing your mind and body to restore itself. Focusing on your wellness through a series of calming and exploratory activities, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences, which can not only benefit you mentally, it can benefit your life when you head back home. By giving time to re-focus and centre yourself, you might discover new motivations and innovative ways to function at a higher capacity.

One of the ways that this can be achieved is by using the skills from this retreat to learn how to take better care of our bodies. The gym and morning Ryvita’s aren’t the most exciting way of keeping healthy back home, and we can understand why you like to avoid it. Here at the retreat, you can learn to cook with organic, locally source food that is fresh and full of sustenance. Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Nor does physical activity. You’ll be out and about exploring the towns and historic scenery on a bike, so what’s stopping you when you get home? Cycling to work or weekend rides, can be just as entertaining and we’d bet on you finding natural gems hidden in your own city.

Break some old habits and learn new skills. Instead of reaching for the remote (we’re guilty of it too!) why not take ten minutes beforehand to focus on some breathing exercises, or develop on your yoga skills? A retreat such as this provides many skills that you can take home with you and fit around your daily rituals as well as adding in new ones. New experiences provide rich knowledge and could shape a future centred around heightened wellbeing.