Here at Brighton Wellbeing we spend a lot of time and research on the activation of our stem cells. We like to utilise this method with our patients through the use of our LifeWave products. These patches elevate a copper peptide element which can be activated in order to bring about bodily repair and alleviation from many different ailments. But, what are stem cells?

A stem cell is highly unique and smart, having the ability to develop into other specialised cells. This generally occurs when other cells and tissues need to be replaced and rejuvenated after damage or illness which can come about from multiple health issues. To enable them to provide this distinct function the stem cell has the ability to infinitely divide in order to produce new cells, as well as, during this division process being able to change into different cells that can be found around the body.

Stem cells have helped the medical community make leaps and bounds into different areas of research and how they may be able to help with many different treatments.
Our cells, tissues and organs can sometimes be unequivocally damaged from many factors including disease, injury and genetic conditions which are inherent within your family. However, through stem cell therapy it may be a possible way of regenerating brand new cells externally, to then be transplanted into patients to potentially replace the damaged or lost cells – truly fascinating stuff.

This sort of treatment however is not unheard of, with adult stem cells already being used to treat many illnesses. For example, blood stem cells are used in order to provide new and healthy cells to those with a multitude of blood related conditions including thalassaemia and losses that come about due to illnesses such as cancer.
Further to this, skin stem cells have been used for a long time to help with patients recover from serious skin burns; it truly is a multi-faceted cell.

Thanks to the work of stem cells we get a whole new layer of skin approximately every 4 weeks, a renewed lining in our gut every few days and here’s the biggy – 2 million new red blood cells every second.