Ever thought of learning about aromatherapy or even trying it? But do not know where to start? Then this guide to aromatherapy for you! As it will teach you:

1. What is aromatherapy?

2. How aromatherapy works

3. How aromatherapy is used by holistic health practitioners

4. The benefits

5. The side effects

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy or sometimes known as essential oil therapy is a holistic health treatment that uses aromatic oils that are made up from natural plant extracts.

Aromatherapy uses many different products, for example bathing salts, aromatic spritzers, diffusers, and clay masks. One of the most popular aromatherapy products is the body oils which is used in aromatherapy massages.

How does it work?

Aromatherapy Inhale



Aromatherapy works through two ways, the first is by inhaling the essential oil which is then absorbed internally and focuses on relieving symptoms for infections and allergies.

The second is having the essential oils absorbed into the skin and this method is used in aromatherapy massages with the focus of strengthening the self-healing process by stimulating the natural immune system.

Aromatherapy Massage

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has a range of benefits:

1. Relieve pain

2. Improve sleep imbalance

3. Relieve symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety

4. Boost the immune system

5. Boost the digestive system

6. Soothe side effects of chemotherapy treatment

Side Effects of Aromatherapy

Despite the majority of essential oils being safe to use, there are a few necessary precautions that one should take when using them as there are some side effects that can occur.  

The side effects include skin irritation, nausea, headaches, rashes, possible allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Which is why if you have conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure or allergies such as hay fever that you use essential oils under the supervision of a doctor for precaution’s sake.

Thank you for this guide to aromatherapy, we hope you learnt something new! 

Also remember to let your GP know about any complementary treatment or therapies you are using.

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