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It is important to understand that emotional health and mental health are not the same because emotional health focuses on ability to cope with positive and negative emotions while mental health focuses on our cognitive abilities which affect how our brain functions. 

The key practises that can support your mental health includes:

  • Keep your mind active by finding ways to challenge our brain for example doing problem-solving activities.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, do not smoke, and try not to consume recreational drugs.
Emotional Health Image

Emotional health is your ability to cope with positive and negative emotions. Holistic health practitioners call emotional health the mind-body connection because our emotional wellness is connected with our physical health.

The key practises that can support your emotional health includes:

  • Meditation can help you notice your thoughts and emotions which will increase your awareness to the state of your emotional health.
  • Set a goal to give yourself focus and always try to celebrate your achievements because feeling accomplished boost your self-esteem as well as you feel good about yourself.
  • Keep a journal for you to record your thoughts and feeling because you can look at the positive thoughts and feeling you have recorded to help you through times of stress.
Social Health Image

Social health is our ability to build connections with friends, family and even with people in a community.

The key practises that can support your social health includes:

  • Getting involved with your local community is one of the best ways of improving our social health as it gives us a chance to interact and build many new relationships.
  • Walk away from connections that are negatively impacting your health.
  • Develop in-person connections over technological connections because while technology has allowed us to meet and interact with people virtual, this type of interaction does not provide us with the same level of happiness as an in-person interaction has.
Physical Health Image

Physical health is the common type of health that most people think about when it comes to health as it is the physical body.

The key practises that can support your physical health includes:

  • Sleeping for at least 8 hours a day will give your physical body enough time to rest and repair.
  • Do not smoke and avoid consuming an excessive amount of alcohol.
  • Moving your body for at least 30 minutes each day and drink water regularly to stay hydrated Not tap water as that contains chlorine/bleach, hormones and parasites).

Spiritual health is ability to feel at peace with life even in your hardest times. Therefore the condition of your spiritual health is determined by the condition of the other four health types.

The key practises that can support your Spiritual health includes:

  • Spend time in nature environments away from noise and distractions
  • Mediate each day even if it’s for a 5-10 mins so that you can notice your thoughts and feelings as well as giving you the time to understand yourself better.