Barbara Palloni

Massage Therapist, Reflexology & Reiki Practitioner

Brighton Wellbeing clinic owner and lead massage therapist Barbara Palloni has 14 years’ experience in Clinical and Oncology Massage therapies. Barbara fuses multiple synergistic bodywork modalities in her treatments to help bring relief and relaxation to body, mind and spirit. Her speciality is effectively treating chronic pain conditions, combining many advanced clinical techniques which she has acquired with the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training along with other effective therapies she has learnt in her journey as a holistic practitioner.

Massage therapist barbara palloni

Ester Cuervo

Massage Therapist

Ester has been a massage therapist for over 3 years, and a healthcare assistant for more than 8 years. She’s currently studying a BTEC degree in sports/clinical massage level 6 with Jing Institute of Advanced Massage in Brighton. Her mission as a medical massage therapist is to help ease different types of injuries, chronic pain and chronic illnesses diagnosed by a doctor.

Being a healthcare assistant for so many years, Ester has worked with different clients affected by various medical problems. The more she’s learned and understands about massage, the more she’s realised how fulfilling is to provide help to through advanced clinical massage treatments which include postural and orthopaedic assessments.

Her goal is to make clients feel comforted, relaxed, with increased range of movements thus improving their quality of life. For Ester, it is very important to tailor bespoke massage treatments in order to improve clients’ health and wellbeing. She has experience working with public in general, sport people, elderly, and those in need of release chronic and acute pain, stiffness, anxiety and stress.

Gosia Jurek


Gosia Jurek is a practicing acupuncturist and a member of the British Acupuncture Council. Trained both in Western and Chinese Medicine, she bases her diagnosis on Constitutional, 5 element and Stems & Branches principles. This approach provides corrective and preventative treatments that may involve moxa, cupping, and gua sha massage when necessary.

During the sessions, a gentle, professional and individualised advice on Chinese Medicine principles as well as comprehensive lifestyle and diet is available.

Gosia Jurek is an acupuncture therapist/acupuncturist at Brighton Wellbeing

Naglaa Abdelwahed


Naglaa a registered qualified nutritional therapist who believes in the healing power of nutrition. She started her career as a Doctor, and had her Master’s degree in immunology, so being a doctor and a nutritionist helps her to deal with health conditions from both sides, complementary and conventional and to find the integrated link between them. Naglaa also works as a Biomedicine lecturer at College of Naturopathic Medicine.

She is mostly interested in working on supporting the nutritional state of the body through a tailored specific nutritional plan that depends on client’s needs, health conditions and aims. This plan includes 3 main pillars; Diet, Life style and Supplementation with essential nutrients, which in turn is reflected on the performance of all body systems. Her particular interest is supporting the Immune System as a safeguard for many other health problems.