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Trigger Point Therapy in Brighton


Trigger point therapy Brighton


Myofascial trigger point signifies a small area of stiffness in a muscle, creating a firm knot or tiny bump from the constricted muscle fibres causing chronic ache and muscular pain. These tiny knots develop when a muscle gets over-worked or injured. These are the main source of developing joint pains. They are prone to cause headaches, jaw and neck pains, lower back pains and wrist aches.

Trigger point therapy uses a mixture of stretching and physical pressure applied to those targeted trigger points to loosen up the tight muscles and alleviate pain.


A trigger point therapist at first tries to locate the exact painful areas, searching for aching, numb points with the finger tips. Once the location of the trigger point is explored, the therapist applies force with fingers, elbow or knuckles for few seconds which releases muscle tension and increases blood circulation.



  • Best massage in BrightonAnnika H

    The massage I received at Brighton Wellbeing was easily the best massage I've ever had! Barbara used so many different massage techniques, I've never experienced anything like it before. Not only does Barbara understand you holistically, but she is also ridiculously strong! I've always wanted to experience a proper professional sports massage, and this is definitely what I got. Barbara also worked on my neck which had been stiff for a long time, and after the neck massage I haven't had issues.

    If you're looking for a professional massage therapist in Brighton, you should definitely book with Barbara at the Brighton Wellbeing clinic.

  • Great resultsMargarita

    I met Barbara when I have had some problems with my neck and lower back. After I have been having massage treatments I did feel happy and satisfied with the results. Barbara is very professional and pleasant person, she will give you good advice and right recommendations. I am truly grateful to Barbara.

  • Excellent personalised massage therapiesiona550

    Brighton Wellbeing is centrally located, just off London Road, which makes it very convenient to reach. Step inside and you will find a cozy reception and softly lit, tranquil treatment room, with warm, smiley Barbara waiting to meet you. After interviewing you about your particular problem, she personalises a massage to focus on exactly what you need. I have tried a number of Barbara's extensive range of massage treatments, according to what I require at that moment, and each has been excellent. I would highly recommend Brighton Wellbeing, if you have a chronic problem, or just fancy treating yourself. You will also find prices are less than other places in Brighton.

  • Healing experienceNao91

    I had a massage with Barbara for chronic back and neck pain. It was one of the best massages I've had. Barbara was easily able to find the trigger points and areas of tension. I left feeling like most of the tension had eased and I could move freely again. Barbara has the healing touch and is also absolutely lovely and generous. Highly recommended

  • Truly talented and from the heartAshley

    I had a massage with Barbera today and I have to say that was probably the best massage I've ever had. I've had a cocktail of back problems ever since I was a teenager and today I felt Barbera got closer to the route of the problems than anyone before. She really knows her way around the body, follows your individual needs and knows exactly how to heal them in a way that suits you. Can't recommend enough 🙂

  • Reversed Years of TensionTim

    I was referred by a friend after I got neck and back pain and I am glad he referred me to Barbara. She has done wonders and reversed years of tension!

  • Fantastic TreatmentEva

    Fantastic fusion myofascial release/trigger therapy massage from Barbara today. Highly recommend her!



30 min – £30

60 min – £50

90 min – £70

120 min – £90

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You can book an appointment at Brighton Wellbeing online by clicking the button below or by calling 01273 92 17 92. You can also email to book.

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