Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. You’ve heard it all before. Drink 8 cups of water, its great for your skin. Make sure you stay hydrated, it washes through toxins. Got it, loud and clear. But did you know? Dehydration is directly linked to increased stress levels, and one of the ways in which we can combat daily mounting pressures, is by drinking just a little bit more throughout our day to day routine.

The link between our regular intake of water and daily stresses have been thoroughly documented. All of our organs, and most importantly our brain, needs to remain hydrated in order to function at its maximum capabilities.
Amanda Carlson, director and performance specialist at Athletes Performance has been quoted to say that being dehydrated by even just half a litre, can increase your cortisol levels. Cortisol is one of the hormones that regulates our levels of stress. Therefore, when your body is lacking in fluids you are putting stress onto its functioning abilities, which can then manifest through your emotions, behaviours and physical ailments.

When you’re stressed from work or issues within life, you tend to get dehydrated more easily due to the fact that our heart rate goes up and your regular breathing patterns often become heavier and faster, therefore our body is working harder. Furthermore, when your mind is focussed on many things, you tend to forget to keep glugging down those fluids. Here are some tips on remembering to keep yourself hydrated:

Carry a water bottle with you always. You can fit tiny ones in your bag these days and there’s plenty of places where you can fill it up throughout the day.

Keep a glass of water next to your desk and your bed – hey, what are bedside tables for?

Grabbing another cup of coffee? Switch that one for a glass of water.

Little and often. No one’s expecting you to glug a litre in one; start forming a healthy habit.

All these little steps and small changes in your lifestyle can make big changes to your wellbeing. On our upcoming Italian and UK based MOT retreats, we’ll be providing you with all these tips and insights that don’t take a lot of effort; time to start putting you first. So, keep an eye out for the retreats we have in store for you.