Emerging fields of science such as neuroscience, epigenesis and molecular biology confirm that there is an interconnection between our gut (feelings), heart (emotions) and brain (thoughts) and that when they are in coherence and communicate with each other, not only does our defence mechanism strengthen, becoming more resilient to bacteria, viruses and other harmful invaders; our internal health-related bodily functions – such as hormone secretion, blood sugar levels, body temperature, breathing, digestion, the rate our heart beats at, our circulation start to return to a state of balance and wellbeing.

Dr Joe Dispenza has spent many years carrying out clinical studies on the subject and his work remains outstanding and scientifically backed up by thousands of heart and brain scans he and his team of scientists and researchers devotedly applied in his clinical studies to confirm this concept.

According to these new branches of science, our emotions affect our thoughts and in turn these affect our feelings in the physical body. When we are under prolonged stress, the body produces stress hormones which release around 1200 disruptive chemicals, which alter our emotions, thoughts and feelings.
If the emotions generated during a stressful trigger last over a long time period of time, such as worry, anger, anxiety or fear, they impair our internal bodily functions, which are fundamental for the internal homeostasis or balance and ultimately for our defence mechanism, the immune system.

These constant negative emotions and ruminating thoughts mine our digestive system and, more broadly talking, the immune system. Chronic pain is just one of the chronic inflammations that prolonged stress may produce as a warning ring bell that something needs addressing to return our body to a state of balance. 
By contrast, when we are in a relaxed state and we often feel elevated emotions like joy for life, love, patience, trust and gratitude, the body moves from contraction to expansion and starts repairing itself.  These emotions start to produce 1300 new chemicals that begin to heal the immune system (see Dr Joe Dispenza’s work).