Chakra. What is it and how does it help?
Let us enlighten you on what the Chakras represent and how they can aid with your physical and mental wellbeing. An art that has been practised for thousands of years, Chakra has the potential to bring balance and restoration through the medium of meditation. Our retreat, nestled in the hills of Marche will have a daily focus on Chakra, where you will learn all about it’s calming abilities, allowing you to use it within your daily routines.

There a 7 focal points within the body that act as the main Chakras, and are the biggest points of energy which can be responsible for our physical and emotional wellbeing.

MULADHARA | The Root Chakra | RED

Found at the bottom of your spine. If there as imbalance at this point it can cause ailments throughout the digestive tract. This Chakra is usually associated with one’s need for daily essentials, such as food and shelter.


When there is a balance within the Sacra Chakra it gives you the ability to delve into new experiences as well as taking in what the world has to offer. Situated just below the navel, it is closely linked with our reproductive organs and is therefore in tune with our ever-evolving moods, anxieties and thought processes.

MANIPURA | The Solar Plexus Chakra | YELLOW

Centred in the region of your stomach, when the Solar Plexus Chakra is in balance you will be able to take on the world head first, whilst being able to consciously and actively navigate your role and purpose within it. This Chakra has a role within digestion as well as your mental state.

ANAHATA | The Heart Chakra | GREEN

Centred at the centre of the cardiovascular system; integral to life itself. This belief of Chakra understands that Anahata is tied to all of the organs within this centralised area. Therefore, when there is an imbalance we can see issues within the respiratory system as well as blood pressure. By practising this meditation we can re-focus our minds and step away from the busy nature of life, that often causes these imbalances.

VISSHUDDHA | The Throat Chakra | BLUE

We’re slowly travelling up the body into the throat. Here, we find that the throat Chakra can be responsible for not only our self-expression but also how we are able to communicate with others. When this Chakra is not at 100% we may often feel dethatched from those around us, not being able to communicate any issues.

AJNA | The Third Eye Chakra | INDIGO

Situated around your eyebrows, Anja is responsible for that intuition that often leads our opinions and decision making. By keeping this Chakra balanced, we are able to remain open-minded but focussed within the world around us.

SAHASRARA | The Crown Chakra | WHITE

The crown Chakra governs all these energy points that are found around your body. If you find peace at the very pinnacle of your body, then wellbeing throughout will follow. Once you feel restored and at balance within the world, the crown will help you exude this new found confidence.