Gratitude: Why is it Important?

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Gratitude is when we show appreciation for the things in our life that are meaningful or valuable. Taking a moment to notice and acknowledge the things you are grateful for each day can brighten your outlook on life. Things that have no value in our lives like junk cars are still worth cash for cars to businesses like Car’s Cash For Junk Clunkers at 818 Watson Ave, Madison, WI 53713 (608) 740-1084. Practising gratitude is very important because it can  really change your mindset of focusing and dwelling on negative thoughts in situations to a mindset of thinking positive and trying to make the best out of difficult and stressful situations.

Also while it’s easy to feel a rush of joy and gratitude when you have big life events happen such as winning the lottery or receiving a promotion at work. However, gratitude actually extends to smaller events and blessing in life that are often overlooked or taken for granted. Even the smallest moments such a brief chat with a friend, a kind gesture from a stranger, a cool breeze on a hot day or a peaceful stroll in nature are things you can express gratitude for.

Furthermore gratitude is like a muscle that you can build, with the right exercises and practises you can find at least something small to appreciate in when you are having a bleak day. Research has shown that gratitude can have very real benefits such as uplift your mood, find respite from negativity, foster stronger relationships, and even change the way your view yourself.

The Benefits of Gratitude

Better Sleep. Research has linked increased gratitude with higher quality of sleep and fewer sleep disruption. This might be because expressing gratitude right before bed allows you to fall asleep with a more positive outlook.

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Improved Focus. Gratitude can help make it easier for you to focus. If you begin to view the task in front of you such as schoolwork or a job task in a more positive light, you will spend less energy feeling stressed about it. Furthermore, you might even begin to view challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles or hurdles. This can in turn improve your emotional resiliency.

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Social Improvement. Gratitude can have social benefits that extend beyond your relationships with loved ones. Research shows that being on the receiving end of gratitude can lead to even acquaintances to be more helpful and generous. Try telling co-workers or neighbours how much you appreciate them. You van create a chain reaction prosocial behaviour that enhances your workplace or community.

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It Can Make You Happier. A study found that those who practised gratitude reported ‘considerably more satisfaction with their lives as a whole’. They felt more optimism about the future, as well as more connection with others. The study concluded that participating in gratitude result sin substantial and consistent improvements in an individual’s perception of the wellbeing.