Guide to Body Aura

You have likely heard about auras before but if not do not worry because in this complete guide to body aura we will provide all the details you will need to gain a complete understanding about auras, starting from what an aura is? To the meaning of each colour that your body aura can be.  Let us get started.

What is an Aura?

Auras are an electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and is associated with your energy. An aura is something that everyone has and it can be “seen” by certain people but everyone can “feel” it.

Furthermore each person’s aura is associated with one primary colour but in drastic cases such as experiencing physical or/and emotional trauma and illnesses can cause the aura colour to reflect such changes.

Red Aura

A red aura indicates that you are confident, strong but also aggressive, you are a passionate, determined and very goal driven. You love challenges and also have a dramatic side.

Pink Aura

A pink aura means that traits such as being  romantic and gentle come natural to you. Your entire being is about peace and harmony. You are someone that brings a kind and calming energy.

Magenta Aura

A magenta aura indicates that you have traits such as being very independent, creative, and also someone who enjoys being entertaining. You like to stand out among the crowd to show your individuality to the people around you.

Orange Aura

If you have an orange aura then this means you are someone who loves being active and is full of energy. You are someone who has a very positive mindset and is highly sociable which causes you to make friends easily.

Yellow Aura

A yellow aura means you are someone who is positive and intelligent. You enjoy a good conversation and be seen as very talkative. You are carefree and love to have fun whenever you can.  

Green Aura

If you have a green aura then you are someone who loves all things nature. You are someone who is compassionate and has open mindset. You regularly do activities that allow you to be outside so that you can enjoy the surrounding nature.

Blue Aura

A blue indicates you are someone who shares traits such as empathy, caring and are very sensitive. You are someone who takes life with a serious mindset. You love to express your creating and value honesty and loyalty very highly. You are someone choose quality over quantity when it comes personal relationships.

Indigo Aura

People with indigo auras are interesting because they share traits of creativity but very introverted. You are someone who prefers to create novels, artistic projects or even composing music in your own space over going to parties and hanging out with other people. You are curious which drives you to want to continue learning.

Violet Aura

A violet aura means you are someone who is spiritual, intuitive, and artistic. You tend to get lost in your own imagination daydreaming. You are seen as empathic and wise by the people around you.

Brown Aura

If you have a brown aura then this means you are someone who prefer practical work that gets you working with your hands. You are focused and career driven. You have a very organised and disciplined mindset which means you always have a plan and always stay on target. You are someone who values hard work and will always give 100% to any tasks as you know hard work is the path to achieving your goals.

Thank you for this guide, we hope you learnt something new and if you interested in learning more about body auras or would like to have your aura read then you can contact us on 01273 921792. Also visit our Facebook page for updates and other content we post.