1 Apple

1 Orange, peeled

2 Large carrots 

1 Small beetroot

1/2 Celery stem

1/2 Lime with rind

Important Nutrition Information 

  • ORANGES are renowned for vit c content which boosts the immune system
  • CARROTS are known as the anti Cancer kings of the vegetable world. Among amazing antioxidants like alpha-carotene, lutein and lycopene, they contain beta-carotene. It is believed that beta- carotene can break down the protective mucous membrane around cancer cells.
  • APPLES are high in fiber and water that makes them more filling that other food which is good for weight loss. They also provide soluble fiber which helps lower your blood cholesterol levels.
  • BEETROOTS are a great source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), potassium and iron. Beetroot and it’s juices have been associated with various health benefits such as improved blood flow, lower blood pressure and increased exercise performance.
  • CELERY is rich in vitamins and minerals with a low glycaemic index. Celery health benefits include protection against inflammation in the body and support for the digestive system, a neutralizing effect on acidic food.
  • LIMES are high antioxidants that will defend your cells against molecules called free radicals which cause damage to your cells and have been linked to chronic conditions such as diabetes cancer and heart disease. Also Limes are high in vitamin C which can help boost your immune system.